Jason Mackey is a portrait and candid style photographer living in Chico, California.  Several years ago, he attended the Acadamy of Art College (now called the Academy of Art University) in San Francisco, where he attained a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Arts, with a focus on 3D modeling and animation.  If you have any credible information regarding the existence and availability of time travel, Jason would appreciate it if you could email him via the Contact page, since he would relish the opportunity to travel back in time and discuss with his younger self an alternative choice of majors.  In lieu of time travel, Jason is now applying his artistic and academic experiences into his new pursuit of the art and craft of photography.  You can follow his journey and even learn a lesson or two about photography on his blog, Unruly Thirds.

 Jason recently began offering his services as a photographer, which you can learn more about on the Services page.  You can view examples of his work in his Portfolio, as well as many of his blog posts at Unruly Thirds.