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"Dog Wood" at Lake Oroville

It's rare to find anyone describing procrastination in a positive light, but it did, in fact, work in my favor this past month.  I hemmed and I hawed, lurking on eBay and Amazon, waiting for just the right deal on a AF Nikon 50mm 1.4D, when my car decided to make the buying decision for me…by overheating.  Three weeks and three hundred dollars later, I needed to give my car a little workout to make doubly sure it wouldn't be overheating on me again, so I drove it down to the Lake Oroville dam.  Thankfully, my car was back to it's old self; reliable and paid off.   So, now I can go back to spending another month or two scrolling through auction listings. 

While I was at the lake, I found a piece of driftwood with an Anubis-like dog head.  I don't shoot landscapes that often, but when I do, I've become acutely aware that my 18-55mm kit lens that originally came with my D40 is the only lens in my collection wide enough for the kind of shots I prefer when Mother Nature is the subject..  I also find my natural tendency to shoot in portrait orientation remains just as strong when shooting landscapes.  Whenever I do end up getting that 50mm 1.4, it will remain welded to one of my camera bodies, for sure…but I'll be pouring over reviews of some wide-angle lenses as well.

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