Jason Mackey

This is not the most current photo of Jason, but it was chosen as it was taken a day before one of the best days of his life; when he realized his interest in photography was not just some passing phase, but a passion he would follow the rest of his life. Jason doesn’t have a photo of himself a couple of years afterward, when he realized he would fall in love with video as well, but it’s just as well, as his wallet would have been crying in anguish at the time.

Jason currently lives and works in Chico, CA - at least when he’s not visiting family in Oregon or friends in Sonoma County. Most of his photography is and video work is of a personal nature; for his own growth in both art and craft. He has offered his services for porraits, weddings, fashion shoots, and video, and if you are interestd in any of these you can get in touch with him via the contact page.